Alfred 3.5.1 效率神器


  1. 这是最基本的了,option+空格激活以后,输入关键字就开始搜索,默认会匹配已经安装的应用软件,我还设置了搜索Safari书签。如果无法匹配,那么会出现搜索google之类的选项,直接触发打开浏览器到搜索引擎搜索。
  2. 和Spotlight直接搜索各种类型不同,Alfred要多敲一个空格或者单引号来指示它搜索文件名。实际使用中,我觉得这样更方便和快捷,alfred几乎是秒出结果,而spotlight在迅速反馈结果的同时,有个逐步增加的过程。就对文件的实际搜索效果来说,alfred对文件名的模糊搜索是OK的,但不如Devonthink连文件内容一概通杀的彪悍。当然,DT的彪悍也是在你索引以后的结果,各有专长吧。Spotlight感觉居中,支持文件内容搜索,但仍然不如DT彻底。顺便说一句,DT这几天在促销,可以看这里。
  3. 估计键盘流里很多是所谓geek吧,所以alfred支持直接一个“>”后,打开终端执行命令行。
  4. alfred还贴心的支持了和1password的整合。



Version 3.3:

Clipboard and Snippets

  • Added new {clipboard:x} placeholder to obtain items from Alfred's clipboard history, where x is the history offset
  • e.g. {clipboard:0} is latest, {clipboard:1} the previous item and so on
  • This can be useful for snippets / snippet expansion to perform clever custom merging of the clipboard
  • More efficient pre-processing of snippet results when using snip keyword
  • Add "Rename" on popup menu for selected snippet collection
  • Add "Edit" to popup menu for selected snippet
  • Move {clipboard} processing to after {date} / {time} processing for most predictable and consistent output


  • New icons for workflow objects
  • Add {date}, {time} and {clipboard}, {clipboard:x} style placeholders to relevant objects
  • Added to Write File and Large Type Workflow Output objects
  • Added to Arg and Var / JSON Utility objects
  • Note that this inherently also adds {clipboard:x} to the Copy to Clipboard Output object
  • Added new "Clipboard" Getting Started guide to demonstrate new workflow features
  • Fix regression preventing workflow File Action trigger from saving custom action icon
  • Improved behaviour when adding Getting Started / example / template workflows, adding to currently selected category
  • Updated spell / define input filter to work asynchronously, resulting in smoother performance
  • Fix layout issue in Write File object configuration sheet for "Allow empty files" tick box
  • Updated "All Workflow Objects" Getting Started guide with new objects
  • Updated 'Should I watch this movie' example workflow


  • Added vault selection to hide specific vaults from Alfred's results
  • Added option to "Only show Logins" if you aren't interested in seeing all 1Password data in - - - Alfred's results
  • Added separate columns for 'type' and 'vault' added in 1Password feature preferences
  • All 1Password columns are now sortable in the preferences item preview table
  • Recognise multiple URLs in a 1Password web login and show separate entries in Alfred's search results

File System

  • Overhauled file interactions, moving back to using Finder / AppleScript for copy, move and delete
  • Now gives a more useful feedback notification when the action fails
  • Correctly deals with permissions and app translocation
  • Gives Finder progress for larger files
  • Improved, simplified logic in file actions view
  • Now also recognises file packages
  • Added default cmd+i shortcut on selected file results to show Finder's Get Info view
  • Added 'Macintosh HD' to the default eject blacklist

Alfred Remote

  • Add new System volume control to System Commands
  • Reorganise the System Command popup menu into groups matching workflow System Command
  • Update System Command remote page example to include new commands

General Improvements

  • New icons for File Actions and iTunes Mini Player
  • A number of optimisations and improvements to further reduce the distributable size
  • Added popup menu when right clicking on Alfred hat in default results which matches status bar menu
  • Gives Alfred's version number, access to Alfred's preferences, check for updates, quit
  • Improved word based searching in Alfred Preferences Web Search / Workflow search fields
  • Added new option in Advanced preferences to restore clipboard content after using a hotkey which obtains the current selection in macOS
  • Note that this isn't the default behaviour as there is a memory implication for buffering clipboard content
  • Update LinkedIn built in web search to latest search URL
  • Update Rotten Tomatoes and Wolfram default searches to https
  • Improve responsiveness by opening files and apps asynchronously in certain scenarios
  • Improved calculator number formatting, now properly respecting macOS grouping separator if not forced


使用CORE Keygen.appkeygen.app激活


  1. 拖至 /Applications 文件夹
  2. 打开 Alfred 2 2.x [SP].app,选择 /Applications/
  3. 激活成功。